To all us who have not found that one Lobster...

 I know we were all rooting for Roschel (is it me or this sounds better than any other couple name?) but this particularly episode made everyone argue about if they were on a break or not. Was it right for Ross to sleep with the waitress after breaking with Rachel for less a day? Was it right of Rachel to completely shut him down without every giving him a chance to explain? But we all know how annoyed Chandler got every time Ross said, "We were on a Break," on top of his lungs. But what do you think? Were they on a break or Were they on a break? 

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  • Tatiane

    Things I’ve learned while wachnitg bob ross:1. We don’t want to set the sky on fire.2. Pure white is just disturbing.3. Birds need a place to set their little feet.4. Every painting needs a happy little cloud.5. You can always add more paint, but taking paint away is very hard.

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