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Back Into The Sea

For a season finale, that felt very…tame. When my east coast sources (no, not my parents, stop looking at me like that) told me that it would leave me hanging, visions of How I Met Your Mother season 9 danced through my head. Little did I know I would contend with Boxcar Kid Sheldon and the gang.

Though the writers did seem to have it out for everybody.

Penny and Leonard got engaged! Woohoo! And the audience rejoices. Then they pull out their calendars to bet on how many times the wedding will almost fall through.

Raj has, as Sheldon would call it, coitus! Woohoo! And then no one brings it up again after the first ten minutes!

In the midst of Leonard and Penny’s avid discussions, they happen to bring up their living arrangements with our favorite, Dr. Sheldon Cooper. On top of being forced back into String Theory research, he didn’t take the prospect of living alone well; and not for lack of ease. Venting to Amy, he seemed to express he would do well alone. Not with Amy, yet again.
If they form a committed relationship they’re going to be the kind to sleep in separate twin beds.

But Sheldon isn’t resting his head anywhere new once he sees refuge from Change in the comic book store…and finds it burnt down. Stuart’s income finally went up in flames for good and Sheldon doesn’t know how to deal. In response, he fled to the train station and took the midnight train going anywhere.

Leonard and Penny, inevitably, let him go. Penny made a good point: Leonard does baby him. He knows FULL well what he does and doesn’t like—and how to use a credit card. If he doesn’t end up in Texas by the next season premiere, he’ll come back to Pasadena. We sent the boys out to the North Pole one finale. He can make it home again.

Stuart, to help Howard and Penny, ended up taking on nursing duties for Howard’s heeling mother. A little odd. A little unnatural. But we’re not sticking around long enough to think about why.

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