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The Inevitable

May the Fourth be with you.
Just keep your wits sharp for the Revenge of the Fifth.

Professor Proton, Sheldon and Leonard’s boyhood icon, passed away shortly before May Fourth. To Star Wars fans, the date creates a play-on-words they can only manipulate one day a year. See? Funny.

Instead of marathoning all six Star Wars films, however (in a few years, they’ll need to add a seventh to their programming), Leonard and Penny opt to go to Professor Proton’s funeral. They attend the wake and reflect during the service with respect, care, and sympathy. Then they make the event about themselves. Penny play-proposes to Leonard to “even their score” and Leonard “pretends” to wheedle over the decision. Methinks Penny doth protested too much. It’s also May—I smell a season finale on the horizon. Penny But we don’t know what reservations she still holds, and won’t until the end of the month draws to a close.

Sheldon, ever not the funeral kind, still took Professor Proton’s death hard. So hard, in fact, his brain buckled under the emotional turmoil and brought the man back to Sheldon in the form of his “Obi Wan,” the dream-sayer. Professor Proton didn’t seem jazzed about the wardrobe change…but he got a cool light saber!

He eventually imparted rather useful advice about appreciating those you have left on this Earth, while you can. Because everybody knows that everybody dies. And nobody knows it like the Doctor.
To be clear, the last two sentences were Doctor Who references, and the title character is called the Doctor, not the “Doctor Who.” Writers. Get it together friends.

Howard, Raj, Amy, and Bernadette’s roles paled in comparison, but they both tackle important current events of their own. Howard and Raj attempt the made-viral Star Wars order theory, a theory that advocates watching the franchise in the following order: 4, 5, 1, 2, 3, 6.

Bernadette and Amy represent those poor unfortunate souls looped into movie marathons by their uncaring friends. But hey—we’ve all been there.

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