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What Ails Her?

“It’s sweet that he thinks there’s a story?”

Now that March Madness is over (far, far over) and April lurches spring into summer, I can say for certain the Big Bang Theory is regaining its story again. Sheldon dropped String Theory…until he picks it up again, probably. Amy might be ready to move on in their relationship! Raj has a girlfriend! Penny has a movie!

It makes me wary of the season finale. How many more seasons can we expect?
FRIENDS only had 10.

In the midst of Anything Can Happen Thursday, Sheldon, Penny, and Leonard find Bernadette and Amy having drinks with out them. For mature and responsible reasons! The nerve! Frustrated by her movie and their behavior, Penny drags Sheldon along with her to continue their night. She leaves Leonard behind…for some reason.

She and Sheldon wind up at a fortune teller’s quarters, where the needlessly patient medium tells Sheldon that if he invested in his relationship, the rest of his pursuits would fall into focus. Small chance. We’ll see if the storyline heeds her words; judging by the post-episode clip, the forecast seems cloudy.

Howard and Raj, tending to Howard’s mother, conversely watch a gore flick so Raj won’t lose his cool in front of Emily the following evening, where they will watch the same film. Although, Emily seems a little more than prepared for the probability. Too prepared.

I have to say, a) Raj had a great idea, and b) he handled himself far better than I expected. No nausea quips or running from the room. In fact, the writers added in thought-provoking questions anyone might ask of themselves should they like watching controversial material. Are they mentally unstable? To which, I say, no! No, I’m not unstable for enjoying the socially variant. Yes, I can sit here and watch the How I Met Your Mother finale as many times as I want to!

Next week: Star Wars Episode VII. And the casting decisions surprised everyone. 

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