Amy Farrah Fowler, Big Bang Theory, Penny, Raj, Sheldon Cooper -

"What is it?" "A quarter."

Let’s see what I missed.

Sheldon couldn’t decide between an Xbox One and PS4, Penny’s grappling with the “gorilla job,” and Raj got in touch with both the online redhead and Lucy.

It’s like the episodes stopped. 

March Madness finally made its off-court exit, and Sheldon might have waited a little too long to buy either the Xbox One or the PS4.  Released at the same time and leaving lots of competition in their wake, anyone who followed E3 2013 would understand his dilemma. Anyone else might have been a little lost for wear in this plot line.

Penny discovers, after yet another failed audition, the horror-movie-gorilla roll came back around with swinging fists. Now that Leonard’s more supportive, the choice really does rest with her. On the one hand, she needed the rent money. On the other…well, Monkey See Monkey Kill.

Anyone with the opportunity to share a cast list with Wil Wheaton, however, shouldn’t pass up the chance lightly. Bring on the bikinis.

The biggest surprise this episode rested with Raj’s sanity. Between the lot, he ended up demonstrating most that yes, I did miss a month’s worth of character development.

When he apologizes with his happenstantial online dating match, he reignites a second chance and dinner date. And so naturally fate has to make his life harder by default. That very evening, Lucy e-mails him to meet and catch up. Penny choosing jobs and Raj choosing suitors? Is it still April Fools?

I’m a little confused by the ever-present Lucy; if you’re going to cite the character so much, at least pay her actress to come on set once in awhile! Then again, I do like this new character. We’ll see if Raj’s astronomy evening works its star-crossed magic.

Next week, we’ll not be watching How I Met Your Mother and perhaps finally get to see what game console takes up the last slot on Sheldon’s entertainment system.



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