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"It's...kind of insane how much happened a day in a half."

We finally discover who was in the car with Lily.

Or, rather, whose car it was at all. When Lily called none other than the Captain for help—and Ted was so close, too—she wasn’t calling for an emergency smoke break. No, she wasn’t even calling for someone to talk to.

She was calling to confirm whether or not she would have another child she refused to make a consolation prize.

For all those that thought Marshall getting his way seemed a little unfair, congrats: he, Lily, Marvin—and Daisy (two flower names, all)—will spend one year in Italy as a forever-family. Grazie.

Just in time to witness the spilt secret, Robin’s mother braved a plane flight to make it to her daughter’s wedding. Last episode already told us she would supply Robin’s bridal breakdown; it just failed to mention it would come in the form of confirming her worst Freudian fears. Lily now plays two roles: secret-keeper extraordinaire and the one to tell her best friend that, no, of course you’re not marrying your father, stop listening to your mother! Goodness. Someone needs to learn their manners.

We catch up with the Captain one last time, presumably, before the grand finale. He met his match, proposed to her too, and hired the Von Trapps to tend to his house. What’s more, we discover he would be hopeless at a game of Clue. Colonel Mustard, with the candlestick, on a boat.

CBS did not fail to make clear that there were just three more episodes total: two new, then the finale. Three short weeks before our lives are over for good. Or, so we said when F.R.I.E.N.D.S ended. And Breaking Bad. And, at the end of the day, it makes us wonder what new friend will find their way onto our networks next?


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