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My Magic Suit

Ted and the Mother might come to know each other’s stories, but—even if he shouldn’t live in those alone—the best stories can be told and heard again and again.

Just like How I Met Your Mother reruns come the end of March. I’m a mess. 

Robin’s both too cool for school and too cool for Lily on the morning of her wedding day and, despite Marshall’s half-hazard help, can’t wait for Robin to have her wedding “moment;” be it a hair raising (shaving) freak-out, or sentimental break down. Determined to coax the stereotype out of our heroine, Lily bombards Robin with a ready-made Love Story Scrapbook. Next, Lily tests the limits of Robin’s relaxation by bringing up her borrowed photographer and threatening to wear her own wedding dress during the ceremony.

Lily just doesn’t know how Scherbatsky’s work—or that the most pivotal of moments, for them, lie with family. Robin’s mother came to the wedding after all, in a much-appreciated plot twist. Jersey and all.

Robin may be ready for her big day, but Barney shares anything but the same luck. After Ted traced him to “Sue Top’s” room, he discovers Barney narrowed down his suit choices to all of his suits, forcing the best man to step in and help. Finding an, ehem, dis-attached suit proved to be a chore. Ultimately, Ted persuaded Barney to pick the tailor-made suit because the memories were still “ahead.” Ted has the romantic touch Lily lacked with her wedding counterpart. Don’t tell Lily.

Next episode: belts!

Not really. Next episode, another tie-in to the future Ted and the Mother hold together, and another episode closer to the looming series finale. Did February have to end so quickly?


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