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Where Wine Comes Frome

I thought the closest they could get to another Sheldon was Amy.
I was wrong.

To recap, in order to get her Bed and Breakfast Valentines Day retreat (it does fall on a Friday this year), Amy organized the trip there by 1915yadayadavintagel-Locomotive! I know what I’m talking about. Valentine’s dinner would be served there, with all the fixings. And Bernadette and Howard along for the ride.

Amy, however, never suspects that Sheldon would meet a second train enthusiast. Hyper-enthusiast. Can recreate specific trains of specific kinds with their mouth-iast. 

And no, before you hypothetically ask, I don’t think Sheldon was completely right in his respect defense. Enjoying oneself just because they used the terminology (Mr. Literal) doesn’t give one free reign to completely ignore their own joys and feelings. But I have to hand it to the man—he knows how to make an argument sound convincing. No matter how the network spun the scene. Did they ever spin that scene.

Although, perhaps, Sheldon might have learned his lesson after all. We can rest assured Amy joined him the remainder of the train dinner…sans strange third rail.

On the other side of the county, we discover Penny never read the childhood classic, If you give a dog a chocolate. Oh, sorry. That’s not how that goes? Explains Penny’s confusion a little more, then, when she and Leonard have to take Raj’s dog Cinnamon to the vet’s late Valentine’s night. Ironically enough, the one renting out the telescope got the sweeter end of the deal. I definitely think something’s up with that (passably normal?) veterinarian. And who self-described should have been a dentist.

All right, I’ll let you all off your hooks. Go watch the Olympics, you crazy cats. Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!

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