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The labor scenes helped me affirm what we already knew—that Ted found perfect, and they both found for keeps. The duo really seems to indicate they both accept each other’s faults.

Meanwhile, Lily’s on her way out the door and into the passenger seat of a questionable future.

Tell you what; the Farhampton Inn sure gets its share of business. Marked by their meeting, surely, Ted and his wife revisit the suite on the most esteemed—and unintentional—of days. The writers dotted the episode with flashbacks to the labor of their second son, Luke, first daughter Penny in tow on a morning after 2 a.m.
At least he got one Star Wars character into the mix.

In the present 2 a.m., however, Marshall sent Barney into all kinds of drunk trying to stall his fight with Lily. And so, Barney achieved truth serum drunk, a drunk so pervasive he spilled the beans of every major series secret. Most notably among them, he uncovered the meaning behind his vague career path: Please. Literally, “PLEASE,” an acronym that (in layman’s terms) stands for acting as the signature holder on less-than-legal documents so your company doesn’t have to. Evidently, the job—and risk—pays big.

And, of course, that he hired a ring bearER for the wedding. He did NOT say, however, that he didn’t hire a “bear.”

On the other side of the inn, when Marshall finally fails to stall his paused fight any longer, he and Lily fail to make any headway into the argument as it stands. In fact, it turns left and tracks back to the seven-year-old rendezvous to San Francisco. We’re not sure yet how Marshall kept his cool—or where Lily fled, conflict paused yet again—but we know that, in the end, it just has to work out for the longtime couple.
It has to.
Writers, really.


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