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And now...

And now we enter in the episode of quickly wrapped plot twists. No, not really. I chalk this episode up to be the funnier of the seasons’ and NOW see why this ended up something like a mid-season twist. Leaves me guessing what’s to come for the days ahead, however.

Sheldon makes use of his vacation days by latching onto everyone’s shoulder for the duration of the storyline. Really, with all the videogames in his collection, I’m a little surprised. Nevertheless, we see more signs that Sheldon, as a character, both deviates from the formula and adheres to the formula even more, one scene after another. Would anyone have seen him play ‘dog’ in season one, or even two or three? On the other hand, would he have as gracefully seen eye-to-eye with Penny during their car ride talk? Hardly. I don’t know what to make of New Sheldon, but I hope we get some sort of indicator before Bert takes more advantage of Amy.

Speaking of, I hope Amy gets out from Bert’s shadow soon. He’s a walking social manipulator: someone who uses ones’ sympathy at the expense of their comfort, for their own pleasure. It’s too early to tell if they played off the scenes between them for laughs, or because laughter communicates the undercurrent issue a bit better for audiences. Hopefully, the audience took away that there’s a real issue when women have to consider a man’s emotions over her own; that it isn’t okay to not be interested in someone else; or that it isn’t okay that “no,” and no alone, isn’t reason enough not to pursue a person.

Although, if they do bring Bert back again, it could spark more…let’s call it ‘kinesthetic’ action from Sheldon Cooper. To be continued.

Lastly, a nod to Josh Peck for showing up on primetime TV once again! I picture Jesse as having an avid Vine in this universe, too.

I literally do not know what to expect from next week. This means the end of holiday hiatuses…on with the show!



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