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"He's wrong."

Penny lands a big part for her ten years and counting on the Big Bang Theory—a scene on the hit (CBS) program NCIS/NCII/NCSTD. But between her wait for glory, Leonard’s awkwardness, and Sheldon’s new hobby, audiences spent most of their viewing time waiting to see who would drop the ball first.

Good news is, they retired the subpar-actress side of Penny, in lieu of a different avenue: the NCIS execs cutting her anticipated scene entirely, without notice. Penny’s grief reveals her true colors…and they’re not all bright. In a mix of Penny trapping Leonard, and Leonard acting brutal, the couple bickers over Penny’s future and marginal acting success. Even insomuch as to stall a second proposal. The Big Bang Theory certainly provided us with the cliffhanger of the season, a one-way ticket to the mid-season grind. We’re a ways off yet from the season finale, even if this certainly felt like one. 

Sheldon, piqued by jokes (all of a sudden), spends the episode trying to algorithmically devise The Perfect Joke. This all coming from the man that can’t understand sarcasm and nuance, much less how to use those subtleties in joke-making. He might have stuck to puns, but no; Amy brunted the worst of his tests. But hey, he dropped trou for her too. No, I won’t add any context.

While the spotlight shone on Penny, Raj and Stuart did play a backseat with their communication practice. I don’t know about the rest of viewers, but Raj perhaps might find it easier to connect with others when he looks inward and checks his own self first. For someone with wide-strewn social anxiety, his private arrogance knows no bounds. And through the seasons, he’s only become more transparent. 

Is Penny a hypocrite? Was Leonard right to not answer while Penny was drunk? Or did Leonard put his foot in his mouth, again? Leave your answers with CTVP on Facebook!


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