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"People love trained monkeys."

This episode sequels Sheldon’s fluke discovery of a super-heavy element! Everyone’s favorite, right?

Sheldon, naturally, still isn’t used to public embarrassment, and so sequesters himself in his room playing toy trains when faced with any form of scientific reverence or scrutiny. Enter special guest Wil Wheaton, who, surprisingly nicely, gives Sheldon the right amount of encouragement and understanding, all thanks to Amy’s care. He really does tweet a lot, by the way.

Of course, peace doesn’t remain by the time Leonard returns, because Leonard’s near always having something done to him, or doing something to someone else. And this time, Leonard decided to make Sheldon’s attention vanish by disproving his Nobel-worthy theory. I’m still not sure how he managed the feat in a single afternoon.
Needless to say, Sheldon wasn’t impressed. But the two patched up the ensuing argument by ganging up on a third wheel: Bawwy.  Even Barry had me going for a second. Usually I grind my teeth when I see him coming around the corner.

Leonard and Sheldon, like Howard and Bernadette when they host Raj for a week, learn together to tag-team for support. Just not at the radio station.

Howard cons Bernie into letting Raj stay for a week at their house. And here I thought this was a sign the writers were sloughing off the plot prior to any holiday themed cheer. Actually, I enjoyed what ensued: Raj ended up playing perfect husband AND wife to the overworked two. He gets his thank you’s in kind, but immediately shows the Wolowitz’s that their relationship works for them, “half-assed” or not. Nice twist on the traditional sitcom husband-and-wife pair.

The episode left me wondering how many times they had to stop filming and laugh, especially with Mother Raj.


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