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La Zertag

When has Barney EVER had an awful idea? Not this episode. Although for the first 26 minutes, I wasn’t convinced.

After delineating his horrible surprise for Robin post-engagement (note: he never did make up that surprise), Barney and Robin both agree to not surprise each other again, in the interest of honesty and camaraderie.

So, naturally, Barney comes to the conclusion that Robin must be planning a surprise laser tag rehearsal dinner, and spends the duration of the episode trying to crack Robin’s plan at every turn. Of course, he recounts the story while handcuffed to the bench of the local laser tag establishment.

Little does Robin know, Barney will, sometimes, lie. Asking for a truthful fiancé won’t work so well.
But he only lies in the interest of camaraderie…if not honesty.

Yes, the arrest AND the rehearsal dinner she previously planned was all a hoax. His hoax. For her.

And they enjoyed themselves a mighty fine Canadian rehearsal dinner on ice. TBD on whether they chose Tim Horton catering.

Ted follows suit and lies about his Liberace piano-rehearsals in the interest of keeping Barney’s rehearsal dinner under wraps. Lily doesn’t get the chance to keep any secret, given her yapping track record.

Though now wouldn’t be the episode to harp on Lily’s mouth. The show does take a dip when Lily brings up Marshall’s judgeship and the failed move to Italy. The writers string along that conflict as far as they keep us waiting for the mother’s appearance. I look forward to the episode Marshall arrives and they can have it out. I miss little Marvin.


Quotables include: 

“My favorite actor, non-porn category.”
--Barney, on his bachelor party special guest.

“Well dog my cats what are the chances?”
--Barney, running his mouth.

“How did you get out of those handcuffs?”
--Robin, having quite the day.


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! Here’s to the next busy month.


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